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Florida Foreign 
Language Association

2019 President

Congratulations to 2019 President, Charlene Chang!!!!


Charlene Chang

Charlene Chang

School: Carrollton School of Sacred Heart
Location: Miami, FL
Language Taught: Chinese
Immediate past president of the Florida Chinese Teachers Association

As a school teacher with only five years of experience, this is actually my second career. I don’t have years of teaching under my belt, and my resume probably don’t tell you about my love for teaching, but I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for Florida Foreign Language Association, because someone was able to feel my passion as a teacher.

Being a language teacher, we are charged with opening the doors to unknown worlds for our students. Through our daily interactions, our students begin their journey to becoming a global citizen. It is no longer just learning to speak, read and write in a foreign language, but we must also teach them to be sensitive to foreign cultures and ideas. We are responsible for expanding our students’ horizon in every way as foreign language teachers. As someone who has a Master degree in Business Administration, I know what it takes to be competitive in the business world. Believe it or not, foreign language teachers are the key!

My first year in FFLA, I was impressed with the incredible help I received from fellow teachers, without that conference, I probably would not be as successful of a teacher as I am today. From that conference, I realized, I was not alone in my challenges to teach my native tongue.

When I was a part of the board through being the president of the associated leagues, I saw a group of passionate teachers who love teaching so much that they touched me deeply. I am privileged to be with so many visionaries who work hard to build a better future. Regardless of the language we teach, we have so much to share with each other and ways to support one another. Together, united as one, we can change the future now.

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