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Florida Foreign 
Language Association

2018 Conference Schedule - Round 6

Saturday, October 20, 2018 from 8am-9am

"RoundMe im Klassenunterricht"
Salon A

Philip Warnecke

Sara Hoefler

German RoundMe allows teachers to create professional interactive virtual tours with panoramic shots. Help your students to explore the German speaking world by creating your own RoundMe tours or by checking the map and viewing the tours created by others. Focus will be on a RoundMe tour created by Phil Warnecke and Dr. Sara Hoefler highlighting a German heritage site in Florida
Total Participation in the World Language Classroom Salon B Juan Carlos Morales
All Languages

All Levels

Student Engagement
How do we keep all of our students engaged in our classroom? In this session, we will discuss how using Himmele and Himmele's Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) creates opportunities for student engagement that makes everyone involved. Participants will learn how to use an appointment calendar for partner work, how to use bounce cards to develop communicative competence, and engage in a written interpersonal debate. Become a student for a while, and learn how to keep everyone in your class engaged!
#What’s Trending?
Salon C

Stephanie Shepherd

Anita Orr

All Languages


Middle & High School
In this fast and fun presentation, attendees will learn how to use the latest and greatest technology that is trending this school year. Things such as Quizizz, Google Classroom, Flipgrid, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Plickers, Padlet, VoiceThread, and more.
Spanish Textbooks in Use: Are Florida Universities on the Same Page?
Salon D

Dr. Justin P. White

Dr. Andrew DeMil


High School & Post-Secondary
The present study presents data collected regarding Spanish Language textbook use among public and private Universities in Florida. The researchers were interested in the textbooks used in Spanish levels 1 - 4, distribution of class levels within one textbook, the articulation point of beginning levels to intermediate, and the (non) acquisition oriented nature of the textbooks selected.

5 Steps to Starting a School-to-School Exchange Program


Salon F

Yorick Georges

Julia McWhirter

Global Programs A school exchange is one of the rewarding opportunities for students and teachers, yet the process of finding a partner school and coordinating a group exchange can seem overwhelming. Learn how to create a successful exchange program that empowers students to develop their language skills and cultural proficiency, while transforming your school into a truly global campus. Participants will receive a step-by-step guide and tips for starting their own exchange program.
Free Virtual Reality in the Language Classroom
Salon G Tiffany Stephens
Technology Tired of having the Smart Phone Fight with your students? Embrace their technology addiction to make your class the coolest! Use a free app to virtually take your class to over 700 locations-- the most famous sites, museums, and cities all over the world. Learn how to adapt this to your level and classroom. Bring your Smart Phone or iPad to the session for hands on experience! **(Note: This app does NOT currently work on laptops.)**
"Are you Running on EMPTY?" Educator Self-Care and Personal Reflection
Salon H

Odie Anderson

Registered Mental Health Therapist

Personal & Professional Development Participants will be asked, "Are you Running on Empty" and be encouraged to consider the effect this deficit is having on their performance as an educator. I will include and interactive activity, a presentation, self-reflection and question and answer as time permits. Focus of session will be educator self-care and the idea of giving out of an abundance instead of lack.
Through the Looking Glass: Facing the Jabberwocky of Language Acquisition
Azalea A

Myra Johnson

Jacqueline Cinotti-Dirman

Language Acquisition

Middle & High School
Jump through the looking glass with Alice to unearth the true foundations of language acquisition. Be forewarned this may shock you and cause a paradigm shift that will turn your world upside down. Explore this new world for ways to make your teaching more effective in increasing your students’ proficiency. Join the adventure and bring back the keys to your students’ language learning needs.
Teacher Hacks 101
Azalea B Betsy Taylor, Tennessee TOY
All Languages

All Levels
Do you need a quick check for comprehension? Are your same old activities getting stale? In this session, discover 101 high-yield, low-stress strategies to manage, organize, assess and engage students in the target language. Examples will cover all modes of communication and ways to differentiate for multiple levels of proficiency. Not just for beginners these hacks will work for you.
Looking at Japanese language students' needs and wants at USF
Hibiscus Brian Hagihara (Thompson)

Looking at Japanese language students's needs and wants including grammar instruction, task-based instruction, various homework assignments, other assessments.
Swap Shop for FCTA
Oleander A Charlene Chang
Chinese This is for all Chinese teachers to share their best practices and experiences. The teachers can also ask questions and get answers for teaching advice.
Integrating Authentic West African Resources into your French Courses
Oleander B

Deanna Scheffer

Dr Lucie Viakinnou-Brinson


High School
How prepared are you to help your students make cultural comparisons outside of the HEXAGON and QUEBEC that are not overly stereotypical? The presenters will share current resources and activities from various French-speaking African countries. The presenters will use PPT and handouts to share an AP themed unit based on authentic materials: podcasts, literary excerpts, interviews and advertisements. The presenters will also provide accompanying free-response activities that can be used as assessments based on the resources using the AP French Language and Culture Scoring Guidelines..
Grammar: Why, When, and How? Examining ACTFL Core Practice 5

Carolyn Taylor

Michelle Olah


Middle & High School
What is the role of grammar in a world language classroom? Participants will examine ACTFL's Core Practice #5: Teaching Grammar as a Concept in Meaningful Contexts. Participants will reflect and discuss the role of grammar in the communicative language classroom. This session will consider elements of Second Language Acquisition and brain compatible learning to explore the role of grammar instruction and its place in supporting students’ target language proficiency. Linguistic accuracy is the destination, not a point of departure!
Como enseñar el pretérito y el imperfecto en la tierra de lo digital y no morir en el intento./How to teach pretérito and imperfecto in digital land without perishing in the attempt.
Jasmine Virmamed Santiago


Middle & High School
Tutorial presentation on how to smoothly introduce students to the imperfecto and the use of both, pretérito and imperfecto, in Spanish class

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